Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Playing in the Snow

Just before the snowplows came through, Ipo and I went outside to get the ice and snow off my car, in preparation for going to work tomorrow. So of course we played in the snow while we were out there!

Ipo uses one of the chunk of ice-snow that fell off my car as an iceberg

The snow wasn't ideal for building, but we managed an Ipo-sized snowman!

We tried to make snow angels, but we didn't even break through the layer of ice!

Snow Day

It snowed for real here! A couple inches really shuts down the whole city, because we really don't have the means to deal with it. So yesterday was a snow day, and so is today (for most institutions, including the one I work for).

Last night, though, we had plans to go to our friends' house and create characters for a D&D campaign we're starting! Since they live just up the road (about the equivalent of a block away) it wasn't too dangerous to get over there.

Helping me sort out my sorcerer's stats

Waiting for my husband to scrape the snow off the car

Snow buddies!

Yesterday morning, there was some freezing rain that left a pretty dense crust of ice on top of the few inches of snow, making it difficult to play with, so we didn't build anything or have a snowball fight.

Monday, February 16, 2015


Sometime last week, in one of the intense bouts of wind we experienced, this tree fell right across my in-laws' backyard! Luckily, the only thing that got damaged at all was a crepe myrtle on the other end from this picture, which lost a few branches.

In case you're having difficulty with scale, since Ipo is so wee, here's me standing in front of it: