Saturday, January 3, 2015

New Year's Eve (and Christmas Decorations)

Every year, we make a big fondue dinner for our friends for New Year's Eve. It works out nicely because fondue can drag out and keeps us busy until midnight!

I got fancy this year and folded napkins, with Ipo's help.

The table, set and ready to go. Ipo is doing his finest imitation of fondue.

The rest of the night gets insanely busy, what with chopping up fruits and vegetables, melting cheese and chocolate, switching out cheese for meat for chocolate and then making sure everyone has champagne before midnight, so there aren't any other photos, but it was a lovely time for all.

In other news, I was sick for about a week up to Christmas (Ipo makes a wonderful nurse, by the way) so I don't have many photos of what we got up to around then, but I do have him posing with our Christmas decorations:

I only have two Christmas houses: my grandmother's library (left) and a bookshop my Dad got for me.

The Santa hat is a little too big for Ipo.

My husband ordered this beautiful necklace from PhoenixFireDesigns, fellow LV swapper!

So, very belated merry Christmas, and only slightly belated happy new year!

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